Suture Pad Comparisons -- See How the Knock Offs Compare

You'll find knock offs of our products all over the internet. They are designed to look like our products, so buyer beware! Here is a comparison of them so you can tell the difference. Most of them are found on Alibaba or other international suppliers. They rebrand them as their own product and knock up the price of cheap products 3-4x and sell it on Amazon.


Knock Off #1 [Doc Tools & Old Nobby] 

This product is made in China. You can find it for $6-9 on

It comes covered in oil and is flimsy rubber. There are 2 people selling photoshopped images with different coloration.


Knock Off #2 -- Dr Prescotts

It's a piece of rigid foam board.


Knock Off #3 -- Med Snipcademy

 It's 0.2" thick, uneven soft rubber layers. Designed to be a copy cat of of our pocket pads; but beware, this one has no case!


Knock off #4 -- Master of Surgery

Similar to knock off 3, a fake pocket pad. Also extremely thin and overpriced.