Innovation Corner for Intubation

Anesthesiologists in Tiwain making a rigid acrylic box (looks they cut some holes out of an aquarium. Those arm holes are sharp; and this design does nothing to contain particles; it in essence is a face shield for everyone standing behind the box. Great for the person doing the intubation; everyone at the feet of the bed gets extra particles sent their way. 

You need vacuum or a tighter seal for this to be effective. Plus acrylic edges if not smoothed down or covered with rubber are very sharp; you are likely to cut your arms if you move rapidly (I have done this on an aquarium; the fish were not amused)


Another image I saw was a central line sheet tossed over a patient; with the clear section facing the intubator -- cheap fast and easy; but hard to get access to the patient -- and multiple assistants are going to increase the odds that particles go preferentially towards the intubator.


People have started building their own (citing cost of $67; and other are selling them (for $200 To be clear acrylic is a few bucks a square foot and acrylic cement is 20 bucks for a large tube.


(this company will also cut and shape holes for you too)


This will become popular I suspect because it looks pretty -- but to be frank I think it's a problem for everyone in the room if you are launching aerosolized particles out and up towards the feet. They can stay suspended in the air for hours in theory (and anyone NOT intubating gets those particles shot into their face).


Days later there are now tons of people using the same design of PVC pipes and clear sheet plastic.


Over a month has gone by, and there are now dozens of people using my design -- modifying -- and of course trying to patent it so they can capitolize on it.

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  • Hi! We are currently designing for mass production a “DISPOSABLE Intubation Hood” to avoid risks of contamination from not being able to 100% sanitized the re-used intubation acrylic boxes. And this is currently a work in progress, since the doctors are the ones designing and requesting this to be mass produced, made of inexpensive disposable materials. We may share the videos and drawings with you too

    Anna Marie

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