Design: Henneman v1 3D Printed Face Shield (no need for holes/clips/bands)


Glasses Style


  • No need for elastic band; less parts
  • Extremely lightweight;
  • Easy to assemble/dissasemble; parts can be thrown into a bucket of bleach after each use


  • Weight imbalance is far more noticeable when you quickly lean forward quickly; this is ampified by the thickness you use (but you can offset this by shortenin the arms and increasing the curve to the back if your head is a strange shape I suppose)





This version will use a slide in function for the mylar; so you do not need to punch any holes; just slide it in and it will "pinch" along the sides. 


  • no punching holes; slides in and slides out!
  • by far the easies to produce and wear





In this image I used 4 mil 12x12" mylar -- with holes punched (1/4" hole) at 1.5 inch vertical spacing and as far inwards as a hole punch allows (about 1.5"). Obviously you can punch holes where-ever you please to shape to your face.

I will repost with 6mil (which is probably the minimum thickness I would recommend); I will also repost with 0.04" polycarbonate which is far thicker/heavier

Glasses into Shield STL v3.24.20




Also; there is no science to this bit; I thought it was amazing that it fit my dog. 




WARNING: Your Design Medical and it’s Owner Justin Henneman make no guarantee whatsoever that these devices will function perfectly (or even at all). These items were developed because people are dying & the health of our nation including our medical personal are at stake. Everything you do is at your own peril (welcome to life); but doing nothing to help is probably just as risky. Try not to sue me for helping once the dust settles; at least I can sleep at night knowing I tried.

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  • do you have an OpenSCAD of this?

    Blaine Morgan

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