What are the return policies?

Any unused equipment can be returned up to 30 days after purchase. Just email us and let us know! Used equipment can be returned within 14 days if it does not function as advertised (let us know and we can repair/replace most thing with ease!). Bulk purchases (if used) can only be returned if grossly damaged/unusable prior to use.  Basically, we want you to enjoy your equipment and will be incredibly flexible to make that happen; but if you buy 200 pads, use them 100 times in a day for a workshop; then send them back, that won't fly. 


What do you make?

Literally anything you want, just let us know. I've made eyeballs, port trainers, and even 1 toe. We can build anything using using silicone rubbers, plastic parts, and ultrasound phantom material -- using casting, 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing techniques.