Design: Henneman v2 3d Printed Face Shield



Visor Style (same base unit with 2 links in the back)

Type A: Simple groove (best for rubber bands or other wrap around elastics)

Type B: Weave (best for using your stock IV tourniquet or other fabric; just snap out the bits you don't need for spacing)


  • Minimal build time
  • Single part + Mylar sheet
  • Use your own band (IV tourniquet or elastic band)


  • Requires measured 1/4" hole punching on the 12x12 mylar sheet 
    • luckily most hole punches are 1/4"!
  • Reducing build time in the frame means the top is less protective; but then again; the bottom is wide open; so in theory this doesn't mean much. Adding material back into the space adds about 20m of build time. 

To build: 

 Visor Type A STL v3.24.20

Visor Type B STL v3.24.20

12x12 mylar sheet; get 6mil if you can; 4mil is a little thin (albeit light)

I trimmed one end down so its 12x8" seems to hit my chest less often on movement; else just shift the plate upwards when you cut holes

Easiest way to space the holes is to put the device flat on the paper; and punch two holes so the front 2 fittings are snug. Then roll one way and then the other until the sheet touches the prong and mark it with a marker. 

I used 2 elastic cloth bands; you can buy 16 yard rolls online or at a craft store; and use fittings (i'll make a file for you to print); for now I'm using a fitting I pulled from another type of mask).


VERSION 2: To be posted tomorrow


This version will use a slide in function for the mylar; so you do not need to punch any holes; just slide it in and it will "pinch" along the sides.  I got the idea from Tarek's design.


I have also widened the grooves for the back end to fit a tourniquet; and will add fittings you can attach to the other side of the tourniquet and make a hook (so you can clasp the back together. 



WARNING: Your Design Medical and it’s Owner Justin Henneman make no guarantee whatsoever that these devices will function perfectly (or even at all). These items were developed because people are dying & the health of our nation including our medical personal are at stake. Everything you do is at your own peril (welcome to life); but doing nothing to help is probably just as risky. Try not to sue me for helping once the dust settles; at least I can sleep at night knowing I tried.

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