Suggested Parts & Suppliers 3D Printed Face Shield

Plastic Sheet

    • Most people seem to be using a 12x12" mylar sheet; they are available at most craft stores and -- its a thin plastic, very clear and comes in thicknesses measured in mm -- for example 4m



    • any elastic band will do; the fastest option is a tourniquet; you need to fashion it under tension into grooves for it to stay in place

    • ideally use something that does not absorb moisture and is chemical resistant; so you can toss it into cleaning agent (most designs use a band that can absorb moisture -- best agents would be rubbers; silicone ideally and cheapest would be large rubber bands

Rigid Plastic:

    • Cheapest options for the 3D printer are PLA and ABS -- abs is super inert (lego plastic!); either should do fine in terms of chemical resistance; but then again depends on the solution we end up using 
    • bleach doesn't seem to degrade PLA

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