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Pocket Suture Pad Practice Combo Kit (3-Layer Pocket Pad, Tools & 5x Sutures)

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  • Hyper-Realistic: the best quality for the best price
  • Durable: lasts up to 100 uses
  • Pre-cut incisions
  • Allows for additional incisions to be made with scalpel
  • Includes 1 suture pad, a complete tool kit and 5 mixed sutures
  • Tool kit includes: Scalpel, Mayo Suture Holder/Driver, Forceps/Pickups, Scissors
When you’re suturing a wound on a bleeding patient in the heat of the moment, you want to feel confident and prepared. Trust yourself to give your patients the best possible care they need and deserve. For doctors and medical students who want to practice with the best tools available, without the $3,000 price tag, we offer the highest-quality, hyper-realistic suture pad for a sliver of the cost. Our suture pad is now produced entirely in-house with a new, innovative formula that allows us to keep prices low while delivering the highest quality suture pad imaginable. Carefully removed sutures leave no damage on the pad, so you can suture up to 100 times without noticeable marks. Our Pocket Suture Pad with Wounds measures 3.5 x 2.5” and comes in a clear plastic case, so it can fit into a white coat pocket for easy transport. There are three layers, representing skin, fat, and muscle, with pre-made wounds to save you time. Additional incisions may be made with a scalpel. All products are guaranteed to be the highest quality for the best price: we will offer a full refund if you experience any manufacturer issues.