Intraosseous (IO) Access Trainer - Adult Tibia

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Practice intraosseous (IO) line placement on the best quality product for the best price. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for a trainer that’s not stable, not hollow, not injectable, and acts more like a prop than a trainer. Our IO trainer stays put on the table, so you can apply the appropriate pressure needed. The rigid, triangle-shaped plastic bone (included), representing the tibia, gives way at a similar pressure point to bone, so you get realistic, tactile feedback. Bones are easily replaceable, so the trainer can be used again and again. Includes: IO trainer

  • Hyper-Realistic: the best quality for the best price
  • Stays stable on a flat surface
  • Bones and bone marrow easily replaceable
  • Cost effective, each student can get their own!
  • Does not include IO gun or needles*

Model can be shipped dry (no marrow); or preloaded with bone marrow. Please select from options!